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Activities, goods and services of ERG Group

Construction and energy solutions

•    Planning and construction of buildings
•    Planning of technical building systems and building energy systems
•    Comprehensive implementation of building construction projects
•    Pipeline construction and civil engineering
•    Road constructions
•    Planning and implementation of street lighting systems
•    Legal advice, qualiti assurance and education related to occupational safety, fire protection, accident prevention
•    Other construction activities
•    Planning and implementation of energy systems, wind turbines

•    Market-oriented innovation management, research & development
•    Searching, location, identification, evaluation and selection of innovative ideas, inventions and know-hows
•    Acquisition of interest in the selected inventions and/or cooperation with the inventor
•    Detection of funding opportunities, proposal writing, project implementation and management
•    Commercial exploitation of the innovations and inventions prepared for economic use

Business and management consulting

•    Proposal consulting and advice
•    Proposal writing
•    Technical consultancy for proposals
•    Professional project management
•    Production of studies, business plans, market introduction plans, marketing plans and feasibility studies
•    Introduction of corporate governance systems
•    Helping to obtain funding and other financial sources

Sales, trading

•    Wholesale and retail trade of food and non-food products
•    Export and import sales
•    Storage, warehousing and transport of food products

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